by Matthew Day

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Matthew Finley Day's debut E.P. It was self recorded over two weeks in late December 2012. All songs written and preformed by Matthew Finley Day.


released January 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Matthew Day Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Southern Summer Miss Marie
We can't wait for the day to be ready.
So I'm showing up half past two, because the afternoon is wasting away.
That vanity my dear is taking its toll on you and I.
We're both alike. So forget that make up. The car is ready to drive. The tank is full.
I said you look pretty, and I meant it. You shot back with I never look pretty.
The drive tonight it'll ease the mood. I kissed you tight on the lips.
The drive tonight it’ll ease the mood. You sat close with my hands abrading hips.
So I’m taking in all of tonight. All of its taste and all of its scents.
Because tonight could be the night that you’ll throw it all away.
I’ll become the boy in the back who is never noticed again.
That summer will remain the best for me.
When I said you look pretty, and I meant it.
Track Name: Letter
You stood at the edge of the hall. Nervous hands, walk towards me slow. I kissed you quick and soft. Unassuming and unaware that it'd be the last time. I should have said something better, but frustration sang an angry selfish tune. You explained it glass clear in that letter. We should have made this summer something more. When you left town the summers heat came and gave no apologies. Long nights spent pulling back lung fulls. Every lung full of cigarette smoke filled to ribs, to last the summer long.
Track Name: My Trip South
Tonight you'll find me in a passenger seat next to beautiful baby blues. Wondering where seven years have flown? When I'm still the nervous wreck of a boy. Who can hardly move when the hand that writes your letters is just inches away. With a finger wrapped in gold. None of which is connected with me anymore, anyway.
Track Name: 2622
It's all quiet and calm. Smoke a cigarette slow. I've got the radio low. I take 26th to 3rd to you. As I round the corner, all the snows illuminated. I step into cold. I trudge through snow to ring the bell for you. I ring the bell for you. You walk down the hall. It looks so warm inside. I just want, to lie in these blankets with you. I could die in these blankets with you. Where I'll drown in the sea, and be put to rest in your bed sheets. I'm just waiting for you... I miss you, and that won't ever change. a.m.p.